MARIANA Francisca Nogueira Oliveira was born in Praia de Mira on December 12, 1997. Being born by the sea, maybe the waves of the winter sea that rocked her cradle have framed her voice and soul, giving her strengths that seem able to face any challenge.
She is an outstanding student who reconciles the life of a normal teenager with a love that becomes more and more solid and consistent: singing Fado.
She began taking her first steps towards the world of music at about the age of 11 and, in August 2010, she was considered the best voice of the district of Coimbra, by winning “Achas que sabes cantar?”, a competition hosted by "Diário As Beiras". In July 2011, she took first place at the competition “Jovens Cantores de Mira”.  In August 2011, she was finalist at “Canta Comigo”, a competition promoted TVI where she surprised everyone with her versatility and great ability to communicate.
Concerning Fado - a genre with which she identifies herself, having as main references Amália Rodrigues, Maria Teresa de Noronha and Camané - her young curriculum includes her presence on Fado TV and several participations in competitions, always making it to the finals: “6º Encontro de Fados de Almada” – June to July, 2012; “1º Concurso de Fado FIARTIL - Estrelas do Fado” – June to September, 2012; “Grande Prémio Nacional do Fado – RTP1/Rádio Amália” – December 2011 to October 2012. She already took part in several shows of Fado, namely in “Grande Gala do Fado”, in Gondomar, “A Casa do Fado”, in Almada, “Tu tens Amália na Voz”, at Fórum Municipal de Lisboa, “3º Festival do Fado de Madrid” and in several “Noites de Fado” throughout the country.
Her first appearance on a show of her own took place at “Noite Solidária de Fado” in favor of CerciMira. Later she also headed “Sabores com Fados”, in Praia de Mira and “Noite de Fado” at the show room Salão Caffé in Casino Figueira.
Her passion and inborn talent for communication is also notorious and, as such, since January 2012 she has been the presenter for the show "Infantes das Coletividades" which takes place at Casino Figueira, where she also sings.
As she progresses through the several meanders of Fado, her passion for this genre is growing, consolidating and acquiring a singularity more and more unique of feeling Fado that always surprises and catches the attention of the public. Therefore and quite naturally, the idea behind this site was to share with everyone who enjoys listening to her in a work of her own.
Thus, “A voz do mar” - her first album - is a tribute to all of those who like to listen to her and to preserve this "world treasure" that is our Fado, a legacy that not only tells us about Portugal, its culture, its language and its poets, but is also universal in the feelings it evokes: passion, longing, love, solitude and nostalgia.…

Armindo Fernandes was born on January 20, 1946, in Vagos. His talent began to emerge at around the age of 18, at his homeland and was later deepened in Lisbon, where he decided to make music – more specifically, the Portuguese guitar – his profession.
In Lisbon, in the 1970's, he has developed a brilliant career and began to participate regularly in radio and TV shows.
He has performed with famous names of fado - such as Cidália Moreira, Hermínia Silva, António Mourão, Frei Hermano da Câmara, Tristão da Silva, Carlos do Carmo and Camané - among many others and he currently follows the first steps of young talents in the world of fado.
To perpetuate his "magic", in 1984, he recorded the album “Canto de minhas mãos", which is still considered nowadays as a masterpiece in the mastering of the Portuguese guitar and that earned him a quote in the official page of Museu do Fado.
In 1989, the City Council of Vagos has awarded him the silver medal of municipal merit and in 2013 he was honored with Prémio Carreira at the IX Gala Vaga D’Ouro.
He currently dedicates his time to rehearsals, show promotion, album recording and the preparation of a new album of his own.

Susana Santoswas born on December 13, 1971, in Santa Maria da Feira. With a degree in Landscape Architecture - by Universidade de Évora - she has started her artistic journey at Academia de Música de Santa Maria da Feira, back in 1975, where she completed, in 1990, the 5th degree of Violoncello. Since then, she started to integrate several projects and consolidated her education in the field of violoncello, having attended to many courses and classes, namely at Academia de Música Eborense (1994/1995), Casa da Cultura de Beja (2000/2001), Professor Luís Sá Pessoa (2005) and Academia de Música de Paços de Brandão (2010/2011).

From her professional experience we can highlight several participations in projects from classic music to house, performing with fado singers, violoncellist at show rooms, traditional music from Alentejo, classic music in chamber music groups and symphonic orchestra or theatre companies, CD recording and TV shows.

Miguel Gonçalves was born on September 11, 1976, in Oporto. When he was 8, his father started teaching him his first chords and later he learnt fados through records and cassettes. At the age of 9, he started to attend some fado houses and since then he has been requested to play at fado shows. He later moved to Lisbon, where he started to perform with singers such as Fernando Maurício, Aldina Duarte, Cidália Moreira, Camané and Raquel Tavares, among others.
He currently performs frequently with Maria do Céo and Camané at their concerts, as well as with many other fado singers, both at national and international level, and he also teaches viola lessons and performs in Fado Houses.