Armindo Fernandes was born on January 20, 1946, in Vagos. His talent began to emerge at around the age of 18, at his homeland and was later deepened in Lisbon, where he decided to make music – more specifically, the Portuguese guitar – his profession.
In Lisbon, in the 1970's, he has developed a brilliant career and began to participate regularly in radio and TV shows.
He has performed with famous names of fado - such as Cidália Moreira, Hermínia Silva, António Mourão, Frei Hermano da Câmara, Tristão da Silva, Carlos do Carmo and Camané - among many others and he currently follows the first steps of young talents in the world of fado.
To perpetuate his "magic", in 1984, he recorded the album “Canto de minhas mãos", which is still considered nowadays as a masterpiece in the mastering of the Portuguese guitar and that earned him a quote in the official page of Museu do Fado.
In 1989, the City Council of Vagos has awarded him the silver medal of municipal merit and in 2013 he was honored with Prémio Carreira at the IX Gala Vaga D’Ouro.
He currently dedicates his time to rehearsals, show promotion, album recording and the preparation of a new album of his own.